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Amwar Group of Companies, a proud family-owned business, has nurtured numerous brands in the automotive and industrial sectors.

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Welcome to Amwar Group, your trusted partner in the automotive industry, specializing in spare parts for tractors, generators, and trucks under the umbrella of our brands. With an extensive inventory, we proudly represent BMA and Balco, offering top-notch spare parts tailored specifically for sugar mills. Additionally, we excel in providing high-quality fertilizers to enhance agricultural productivity.  Moreover, As authorized agents of Gazpromneft G-Energy Russia, we also offer premium oils and lubricants for optimal machinery performance. Excitingly, we’re now expanding into renewable energy solutions, offering cutting-edge solar panels to support sustainable practices and power generation. Trust us for all your automotive, agricultural, and energy needs.

We are Manufacturers

Gulf plastic industries

As manufacturers of PVC pipes and fittings, we provide comprehensive solutions for fluid conveyance systems. With a focus on quality and durability, our products are designed to meet diverse plumbing and construction needs. Trust in our expertise to deliver reliable PVC piping solutions for your projects, ensuring efficiency and longevity in every installation.

Address: S.I.T.E Area, Karachi